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Where’s Your Snuff Box?

Didn’t know you have a snuff box? Surprise; actually, you have two of them! I didn’t know this until I had an X-Ray two years ago; the odd things you learn when you least expect it, LOL.

Here’s one of my snuff boxes, all lit so it will show up clearly:

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That Guy With The Dogs


The paper boy is quitting.

Boy, does that conjure up all the wrong images. Makes you think of a 13 year old Leave-It-To-Beaver kid who rides his bike around the neighborhood, throwing papers into people’s flowerbeds and saving up to buy a better bike for the summer. Instead, what we got here is a former pro baseball player, now a talent scout and coach, with two giant pit bulls in the back of a huge Ford pickup truck. And he’s been on this route for at least the last fifteen years, although I’ve only been meeting him on our morning walks for ten or eleven.

And he doesn’t need the job so we won’t be seeing him any more after a month or two. Meet Darold Ellison, and meet his two dogs Titan and Troy; we’ll miss them all.


5:30 this morning

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Food: Beef Heart Cracklings and Tallow

These are cracklings, if you've never seen them before.

These are cracklings, if you’ve never seen them before.

Yesterday as I was making another batch of beef heart jerky I realized that this grass-fed heart had considerably more fat around it than the last one had. I try not to waste anything, and while I planned to let the dogs have any meat trimmings that got left out, I wasn’t about to let this much pure fat go unused, so I made some tallow. And beef cracklings.

I’ve never made tallow before but I figured it can’t be much different from rendering lard, and so it proved; I used the exact same procedure and I’ll describe it so you can try it too.

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Haiku From Hell 4


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Navel Gazing: The Flat Stomach


Until I was fully 61 years old I was “skinny fat”, which is an odd choice of words, but an accurate one. I made it up myself but then discovered that others had thought of it before me – maybe it wasn’t as uncommon as I had thought. When someone is skinny-fat, he is a normal weight but he carries far too much fat and far too little muscle for that weight. I also had a persistent stomach that would simply not go away.

I reversed the situation, and I think that picture proves it.

If all of this seems a little egocentric, well then – damn it, I spent decades believing I could not get rid of the weight, believing that I could not gain muscle mass, and eventually even believing that I probably wouldn’t live much longer. So I think I am entitled to a brief moment of happiness that the situation proved to be something I could actually change and I refuse to feel apologetic about that happiness. Not much on hiding lights under bushels, either.

I don’t like articles that tease and require you to read lengthy passages to get to the meat so I’ll lay out what I did, what worked for me after nearly an entire lifetime of trying things that didn’t work (it’s pretty simple in retrospect), and why I think my situation is applicable to a good deal of overweight people I see around me all the time.

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Haiku From Hell 3


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Food: Beef Heart Jerky


This is some fine jerky.

I love jerky but I can’t stand what you find in stores. Yesterday I made some great tasting jerky from a beef heart and I’ll tell you what I did, but be warned – if you like the commercial product you find in the grocery store this one might not appeal to you.

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