Halloween, Part 2

01 Nov


What strange things you find around the neighborhood. (Not that the pumpkin is especially strange, but I did stumble across a couple of oddities this morning and I’ve posted them below.) We had our biggest crowd of trick-or-treaters yet last night and I caterwauled throughout the neighborhood with my Theremin; I’m not a great Theremin player but, hey, I’m better than Jimmy Page.


Other people got to mess with it, too:


(Trick-or-treaters like to play with it and who could resist a witch?)


Or a pirate?


Coulaine and I spotted these balloons on our morning walk today. But there are stranger things out there…


For some reason a rash of these has popped up recently – I have pictures but it looks like a photo essay to me, LOL. Here’s something more idyllic that we noticed:


Oops, I forgot some important parts:


Many parts equal many people. Happy Halloween!




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