Music: Cruel Sister

04 Nov


Cruel Sister is the classic tale of sibling rivalry and murder, although there are other variations on this basic story, too. (In fact, I’ve recorded some of them, but that’s for another post.) Here’s my version.

(I am having a hell of a time getting the embedded Soundcloud link to work, so apologies if it still isn’t right. If it doesn’t show up in your browser, here is a hard link to the same thing at another host. No registration required there to play it, either. Cruel Sister )

This is an old song, but I first heard it on Pentangle’s classic album of the same name. I collect versions of this song and I still like theirs the best. Anyway, this is a much more in-your-face take on it than Pentangle’s and I also made some small lyric changes, mostly to get away from what I always think of as the “tyranny of the blonde”, or the tendency to typecast a blonde girl as the good one and a black-haired one as the bad; that drives me nuts.


That’s my Warmoth Telecaster, which I made (as much as one can “make” a guitar from bare parts, I suppose), which I played most of the guitar parts on this tune with. I also played one of my own amps – a Marshall 18 Watt with an extra gain stage. That has become my favorite amp lately.

The theme of the Drowned Women is an interesting one to me, and I hadn’t even realized I was recording different examples of it until I had already done a couple. I’ll post the next one later; I actually have four of them.

Hope somebody likes it.


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