Where’s Your Snuff Box?

25 Nov

Didn’t know you have a snuff box? Surprise; actually, you have two of them! I didn’t know this until I had an X-Ray two years ago; the odd things you learn when you least expect it, LOL.

Here’s one of my snuff boxes, all lit so it will show up clearly:


And here’s my snuff box piled high with sea salt to show how it would work. You can see how this got its name, although the radiologist, who was a modern kind of guy, referred to it as “your cocaine box”.  The hand surgeon who referred me for the X-Ray had noted that he wanted a good view of this area and I noticed the odd terminology on the medical order, so I asked.


This little “box” sits between your extensor pollicis longus and your extensor pollicis brevis, the two tendons on either side. It seems that a lot of people are overweight enough nowdays that it disappears, so in some ways it could be thought of as an index for weight; I’m pretty skinny, so mine shows up clearly.

Kind of nice to think that every time I make a thumbs-up sign of approval I expose my snuff box, even if from that angle I’m probably the one one who can see it. Or I guess you could also call it the hitch-hiker’s box.

Isn’t the internet great?

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