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Life Food

The first issue of Life Magazine for 1955 was devoted to food, with articles on a variety of related topics from 30 foot lettuce harvesting machines that saved management money (“even with cheap labor”), to recipes, to ways to cut down kitchen work (presumably, this is where “labor” saves money), to bold plans for the future. There’s even a photo spread by Margaret Bourke-White, mostly aerial views. I found quite a bit of interesting material in this issue.

Since my last post was on sugar, let’s see what they had to say about the white magic powder:


The value of cheaper sugar certainly can’t be minimalized, can it? And Sugar Information, Inc. would be there to pass the word along. It’s fun to connect the dots.

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Sugar Disinformation, Inc.

I decided that even though nobody reads this damn thing I would start posting again. Mostly because I found something interesting and I wanted to pass it along.

I’ve been looking at old issues of Life magazine and a lot of meta-aspects have popped out at me – these are things that readers at the time would not have noticed, like biases, hidden motivation (some of these are fascinating, as everybody was so much more naïve then that the editors could get away with murder), and just plain old spin. And I have a great example of the latter for you.

Here’s a full page ad extolling the virtues of sugar:


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