Music: Sweet Bride

01 Jul

Here’s something a bit different from the other music I’ve posted; this is a Kate Rusby tune, although she would certainly never do it this way, and she would definitely not end it the way I did. 🙂

Sweet Bride is a great song, and I love the way Kate does it, but I could never do it like that so I opted to go in a completely different direction; I really had no choice; nobody is going to sound like her anyway.

For my guitar playing friends, I did the guitar parts on my Esquire (‘69 Tele originally) and my Warmoth Tele – the red one in the video, and I used a Marshall 18 watt amp with an extra gain stage, my favorite of all the amps I have built.

Everything in the video is mine, with one exception: I didn’t take the picture of the woman which YouTube chose as the thumbnail. Diane H took that one.

Tech note: YouTube seems to want to present this in a letterbox format here, but it is not a letterbox video. If that bothers you (it bothers me), watch it directly on YouTube. (The little button on the lower right that says “YouTube”.)


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