Independence Day

03 Jul
Click to enlarge and read the small print

Click to enlarge and read the small print

Now that the Supreme Court has declared that corporations are people and that they are entitled to the same free speech that people must have, and since the court just this week also decided that corporations are entitled to freedom of religion, I thought it would be nice to celebrate the freedom that those corporations have on this Fourth of July. I want to light up that little boy heart inside of Mitt Romney and what better way than by offering up a couple of images for the New World Order.

As the march to corporate feudalism takes a giant step forward, let’s all look towards that day when the shining city on the hill’s multiplexes will all be playing the Fritz Lang classic Metropolis 24 hours a day…minus the last hour or so.

Just remember this:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Happy birthday, America. Land of the free.

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