Music: Mother Of Dragons

15 Jul


Isn’t that beautiful? That picture was done by my friend Mark Owen, who graciously allowed me to use it here. Mark’s art is definitely worth looking at.

I gave up on Game Of Thrones, the TV show, because I had read all of the available books and I knew what was coming; honestly, I’ve lost patience with Martin’s addiction to punishing his readers. But I still like a lot about the series. When I was writing a piece of music and Mrs. Tyrannocaster said “I think you should call that one ‘Mother of Dragons’” I let the idea sit there for a while because that hadn’t been my inspiration, but the more I thought about it the more it seemed to fit. So in the end I went with it.

This is a fairly long (eight minutes) instrumental and it has some things in it that I think are pretty cool. Well, I call it an instrumental, but that’s not correct, it just doesn’t have any words. With the way the vocals and the guitar double each other in the first section, I’ve never really heard anything quite like it. That was a challenge to do, too. The piece is quite complex, and if you are adventurous enough to give it a try don’t be put off by the slow intro; it does go somewhere, LOL.

Here’s the Soundcloud player for the song, complete with strangely formatted image (which I apparently can’t control, at least as far as its appearance here):

For those with older browsers (like me, LOL), here is a link to another source which should work for you. No registration required. Does require Flash, though.

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