Tyranno TV Talks Trash!

16 Jul
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I know how they feel. There’s so much crap coming at me via media that it’s hard not to get cynical like those Gremlins. (Although I must add that Mr. Talking Bolt-Head on the screen actually has something to reveal…and he will do it tomorrow, so you’ll have to come back to find out what “the latest on how to lose weight and get bulked” is. You won’t believe it, either!)

The latest fad these days in the fitness world may actually have something going for it, or it may be just another flash in the pan. It’s currently impossible to separate the hyperbole from the genuine benefits that might be possible, and a lot of overheated blog ink has been spilled on the subject. More creatures with large ears opine:

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Arguments rage over whether three tablespoons of resistant starch is enough (most people seem to be using potato starch, some work with plantain, and the more conservative types are eating cold potatoes and rice) or whether the often-reported flatulence is a sign of gut problems that have to be rectified before the wonders of this super prebiotic can be realized. I messed with it for a few weeks but found neither wonders nor clouds of marsh gas trailing me around; as often seems to be the case, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Meanwhile, as a country we continue to get fatter and more and more unhealthy. I really have to blame Jane Brody and her ilk (I’m talking to you, Marion Nestle, but there are a lot of ilk, I’m afraid) for at least part of this, but it would be an oversight to exclude our own First Lady, whose approach has been to avoid fighting with the powerful lobbying interests that agribusiness has on its side. in a way, I feel for her, because she would lose in a head-on confrontation, but I blame her at the same time for not having the guts to just come out and say so. So instead we get pussy-footing and policies that won’t make much difference but at least look like somebody is making an effort. Blech.

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Come back tomorrow and see what Mr. Tyranno TV was talking about up at the top of the post. It’s a cheap way to get you to come back, isn’t it? 🙂 I like old Roger Corman movies, so nobody should be surprised.

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