Pictures Of Lily (CHOCOLATE!)

11 Aug


As much as I love the old song by The Who (and that means a lot), I like another Lily now, too.

I train dogs, but Lily isn’t a dog. Lily is a candy company and they make a chocolate bar that I think is pretty interesting. Around here, we use them a lot like money.

Dogs brought me the chocolate bars in that picture because chocolate is my preferred medium of exchange. Some of the dogs I know come to visit for the day or even a few days (which is why there are so many chocolate bars in this picture) and they have decided to pay me with chocolate for the experience; this, I think, is a great idea on their part. One dog by the name of Misha has given me so many that we sometimes call her Wonka, but the real-world Wonka bars aren’t very good and they come from a parent company I’d rather not buy from.

I don’t want just any chocolate, and they know that. These enthusiastic critters know that I want one brand and one flavor, so that’s what they bring. Is that good dog training or what?


I can’t stand milk chocolate, and normally all I used to eat was 85-90 % dark stuff, but I find that if I eat too much of it I get, well, jittery, for lack of a better word. I stumbled across these Lily bars when someone gave me one as a gift and I left it in my freezer because I figured if it had stevia in it I wouldn’t like it; stevia has a weird, bitter aftertaste that totally makes me turn the other way. Eventually, of course, I ran out of “good” chocolate and got desperate and tried it. To my considerable surprise, I liked it. These are not like most other chocolate bars, that’s for sure. For one thing, while the label says they are sweetened with stevia, they also have inulin and erythritol in them, and in much bigger quantities. I suspect the label features stevia so prominently because of its PR value; it is certainly not the biggest sweetener in the product by weight.

Some people have problems with these ingredients; inulin is a mildly sweet (and somewhat bulky) prebiotic that your body doesn’t actually “eat” but the bacteria in your gut will consume it. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has no calories and is not quite as sweet as table sugar by volume. Because the nutrition label of the Lily’s bars tells me they are 55% chocolate instead of the 85-90% I am used to I would expect the Lily’s bars to taste like milk chocolate, but they don’t, because the other 45% is not sugar; there isn’t any sugar in them. While they don’t taste like the very darkest chocolate available they are surprisingly intense, given that 55% figure – let’s say that to me they seem somewhere in between, no matter what the actual percentage is.

And I don’t taste the stevia at all. Big plus.


Of course, the dogs can’t have any of this; chocolate isn’t good for them, and in sufficient quantities it can really hurt them.

Because I left the first bar in the freezer and liked it that way, I have continued to store them there. Frozen, they remind me of Nutty Buddies (if you are old enough to remember those), probably because of the almonds. Whoops, I forgot to issue the standard disclaimer: this company doesn’t know me from a hole in the ground, I didn’t get paid for this article, and they probably wouldn’t even think much of it since I have little interest in the other flavors, which don’t work so well for me. But this one…it’s a keeper, and if you want to try something a bit different (there are so many good chocolates out there, after all) this would be a place to start. I’m guessing the target audience for this is people who want low-sugar chocolate, appreciate fair trade products, know something about ingredients and either want or aren’t bothered by the sweeteners they’ve used (inulin, erythritol, and stevia), and who are willing to pay more than the price of a Lindt bar.


One more tool for your bag of tricks, because the dogs like treats, but so do we. And the dogs aren’t bothered at all if they can’t have these.


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One response to “Pictures Of Lily (CHOCOLATE!)

  1. Gwen

    August 11, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Well, right now I’m trying to de-tox from all chocolate. I do have 3/4 of a very high grade, super dark chocolate bar left…but I want a couple of weeks between me and any chocolate right now. That said, in the fall, I might go looking for these to try. Thanks!


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