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Halloween is not only my favorite holiday, it is also the date of our wedding anniversary, which we worked hard to get; I’m glad we did. This year I’ll be playing the Mad Monk on the Theremin for the neighborhood tonight in my Hollowed-out Garage Cave – see photo below.

Here are several Halloween images for you (and your dogs).

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WTF! Wheat is the new tobacco


I hadn’t planned to start this blog with a tirade about wheat but why not? Wheat forced me to retire early, it made me spend most of my time in bed, it caused me to gain weight and have an impossible time trying to lose it for all of my pre-wheat life, it gave me eczema, dandruff, crusty ears, constant fatigue, and joint pains so bad that I lost the ability to play the guitar completely. And I had been a professional guitarist.

So while I don’t intend for the title of the blog to reflect my thoughts on wheat, you could say that it does to this extent: WHEAT THE FU(|( !

(Yes, that’s me in the photo – but it’s me AFTER wheat. I won’t show anybody pictures of what I looked like before; they’re simply too painful. I was 61 when I did this picture in early 2012, and I was in better shape than I had been in as long as I could remember; to me that’s a sobering thought.)

I forgot to mention the Metabolic Syndrome and pre-Diabetic condition I had acquired, the high triglycerides and the other delightful symptoms – all reversed within 30 days. In fact, my triglycerides decreased by 170 in that time. Wow; it was an official eye-opener for me, folks.

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