About Tyrannocaster

Welcome to WTF. It’s not really like any of the other blogs I read, and it’s that way by design. It’s supposed to be polymorphic.

If you clicked on “About” then presumably you want to know a bit about me or the blog. WTF deals with a pretty wide range of subjects because that’s where my interests and education lie; you can expect to find posts on healthcare (and general health issues), music, art, food, dog training, humor, science fiction, the French language, and anything else I can find in the kitchen sink. So it’s not a single-focus blog, although its focus often narrows down to certain topics for a while. Which means it pretty much dies on the vine. Oh, well.

I’m retired (and read my very first blog post to find out why, because I had to retire early and now that I know why, I’m pissed) but I am an ex-professional photographer with a musical background in concert and composing, having started out as a professional musician and realizing that I couldn’t really play the music I liked and make any money at it. I also did studio work in Hollywood. I’m a serious dog trainer and I live in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, and I have a thing about old monster movies.

The only payment I get for this thing is the comments. There aren’t any ads. So if you like something you might consider saying so.

Thanks for clicking.



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